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CASTILLA | 100% extra virgin olive oil

CASTILLA | 100% extra virgin olive oil

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Castilla | 100% extra virgin olive oil 

A 100% extra virgin olive oil bar soap traditionalist made in Spain.

Our Traditional Castilla Natural Soap is a timeless classic, made with 100% extra virgin olive oil. Rooted in centuries of Mediterranean tradition, this soap embodies simplicity and purity, offering your skin the benefits of a single, wholesome ingredient.

Gentle Cleansing: Extra virgin olive oil provides a gentle and effective cleanse, removing impurities, excess oils, and dirt from your skin. It's suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Deep Moisturization: Olive oil is renowned for its deep moisturizing properties. It helps lock in moisture, preventing dryness and maintaining skin's natural hydration. Your skin will feel soft and supple.

Nourishment: Packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, extra virgin olive oil nourishes and enriches the skin, promoting overall skin health and vitality.

Anti-Aging: The antioxidants in olive oil, including vitamin E, help protect the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress. This may reduce the signs of aging and keep your skin looking youthful.

Skin Soothing: Olive oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe and calm irritated skin. It's an excellent choice for individuals with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Balancing: Olive oil helps balance oil production in the skin, making it suitable for both dry and oily skin types. It harmonizes the complexion, leaving it neither too dry nor too oily.

Protection: The high levels of monounsaturated fats in extra virgin olive oil can act as a protective barrier for the skin, shielding it from environmental stressors and pollutants.


Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Sodium Hydroxide, Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil.


Organic and Handmade

We take pride in crafting each bar of soap by hand using only the finest natural and organic ingredients. It's free from synthetic additives, parabens, and harmful chemicals, ensuring the utmost care for your skin.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices extends to our soap. It's vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly, making it a responsible choice for conscientious consumers.

Usage Instructions

  • To prolong the life of your soap in the bath, keep it on a well-drained dish, standing upright to allow for it to dry between uses.
  • For External use only. In case of irritation please discontinue use.

Shelf Live

Best used before 12 months if stored in ideal conditions.


Oar soap bars are wrapped in Kraft paper that is 100% recyclable.

All the packaging is 100% Plastic Free and Recyclable.


7cm x 7cm x 2cm

90 g

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