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Natural Cotton Tote Bag

Natural Cotton Tote Bag

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Take me to, your favourite place!
I'm not a plastic bag. Made from natural cotton.

Plastic waste in our oceans and seas is a growing problem, affecting wildlife, ecosystems and people. About 10 million tonnes of litter – 80% of it plastic – finds its way into the water each year. These products take hundreds of years to decompose in the sea.
Single-use plastics, like carrier bags, drinks bottles, coffee cups and packaging, are a big part of the issue. Cheap and disposable, they are carried to the oceans from rivers and coastal towns and cities, or simply dumped at sea.

Natural cotton tote bags are not just biodegradable, they are also reusable and recyclable. One can use them n number of times and it can be taken back to its initial stage, that is, shred down to threads and reshaped again into different or same bags. An excellent replacement for plastic bags.

Ethically Sourced
Lightweight and Durable
Reusable, Recyclable & Biodegradable


Printed on both sides.
Made from 160 gr (5.6oz) /m2 natural cotton.
Long Handle.


Size: 38x42 cm


Machine wash separately or similar colours together in cold water.
Line dry.
Do not use bleach; do not dry clean.

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