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Natural Loofah Sponge Slice

Natural Loofah Sponge Slice

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Natural exfoliator made from the fibrous interior of the loofah plant.
Use with your favorite bar soap to remove dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation and leaves your skin smooth. Regular Loofah use also boosts the circulation to your skin to ensure that you are positively radiant like never before.

Removing dead skin cells not only improves the look of your skin, it also sweeps away places where bacteria and soil could collect

How to use it:

  1. Wet the loofah with warm water to soften it, then apply an amount of soap to the sponge.
  2. Use gentle but firm circular motions to scrub your body. to remove any dry and flaky cells.
With regular use, it is essential to soak your Loofah in cleaning solution on a weekly basis to ensure it continues to be able to provide the caring touch your skin deserves.
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